Senior Data Scientist

We’re looking for an enthusiastic Senior Data Scientist to work on a leading FinTech Startup project.We are looking for candidates who are team players who has an entrepreneurial spirit and passess strong command of English language and high communication and presentation skills and interpersonal skills to be a part of TecSabio’s team.

Key Responsibility

  • Research similar methodologies and best practices in the related field.
  • Determine existing data-sets and collect data required to extract actionable insights.
  • Apply data mining techniques, do statistical analysis and build high-quality prediction systems.
  • Develop new tools and metrics for key decision making.
  • Help build the corresponding database.
  • Develop robust and scalable code and applications to analyze complex data sets.
  • Research and build actionable visualization reports that drive decisions.
  • Other related duties as assigned.


  • 2+ years in Data mining and qualitative analytics.
  • Understanding of statistical analytical tools and methodologies.
  • Be familiar with classic machine learning and data mining models and algorithms.
  • Be familiar with classic algorithms and data structures.
  • Experience with C/C++/C# programming.
  • Strong problem solving and data analysis skills.
  • Strong searching and researching skills.
  • Have a strong interest in banking and micro finances.
  • Working knowledge of Hadoop, R, map/reduce, or similar tools.
  • Be familiar with parallel programming framework and map/reduce tools like Hadoop.
  • Microsoft Azure knowledge is a plus.
  • Team Spirit.
  • Excellent self-learning, searching, research skills is a must.
  • The candidate must be self-motivated and willing to work remotely without close supervision.

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